About Us

We first began operations in 2004 as Integrated Steel Construction Co LLC (ISCON) in the emirate of Dubai, with the principal activity being Industrial Plant Construction, which continues till today, and over the years we have expanded our operations to Ras Al Khaimah (2006), Abu Dhabi (2011), Oman (2007) and India (2012).

We offer designing, detailing engineering, steel fabrication and erection services, encompassing a wide range of steelwork for the Energy, Power, Oil & Gas, Aluminium, Cement and other industrial sectors. Over the years, our projects have ranged from new-build to extensive refurbishments, from general fabrications to stacks and material handling conveyors.

Our range of services incorporates many aspects, from engineering services, steel fabrication, surface coatings, on-site maintenance and repairs, modifying existing mechanical handling equipment, installation of equipment provided by others and general metal fabrication from mild to special steels. We believe that the variety of work we undertake and our attitude to employment has helped us maintain our success and growth.

Since our inception we have enjoyed consistent growth, remaining profitable year-on-year. From our beginnings as steel erectors to our position today, we remain strongly committed to providing outstanding customer service, quality and safety and this is evident in everything we do, whether it is designing connections or erecting a conveyor.

All these services are part of our commitment to provide our clients with outstanding levels of customer service, value for money and total dedication. We also aim to provide sustained return on values to our stakeholders and employees.