Specialist Erection Services

ISCON undertakes industrial plant steel, equipment and piping erection services of up to 10,000 tons, this service is limited to GCC countries and India. Our erection teams comprise solely of our employees. We have 300 personnel for erection alone at our disposal. We have gathered considerable experience in the area of erection work for alumina smelters, cement factories, quarries etc.

ISCON also undertakes refurbishment and dismantling contracts; from critical lifts utilizing multiple crane lifts, specialized hoisting equipment and innovative erection methods. We excel in specialized erection methods to erect complex steel structures. Many of the complex structures require the performance of critical lifts using both large and multiple cranes for hoisting. We are highly experienced in the performance of these critical lifts. ISCON’s goal is to develop sound erection sequences and methods to accomplish a safe, productive and economical solution.